“Rarely, if ever, do I get such positive feedback to a training course. Darby Dunn taught Jefferies’ research analysts what they need to know to be confident handling any media or public speaking situation. They loved Darby’s informal approach and how she tailored the training to their individual time constraints and concerns.”

Tom Tarrant
Managing Director, Marketing

Media and Presentation Training

Welcome to Darby Dunn Communications, the media training practice I founded after 15 years as a television anchor and reporter, primarily on CNBC.

Why choose me as your media trainer? Unlike others, I have very recent experience as a newscaster, not only on CNBC, but on CNN, Fox News and MSNBC. I know what today's media are looking for, what questions journalists will ask, and how to look and sound good on camera so your first appearance won't be your last.

Every interview is a priceless chance to promote you, your cause and your company. Seize the opportunity through media training with Darby Dunn Communications.

Darby Dunn Communications
Courtesy: CNBC