Darby Dunn Communications Client Testimonials

“Rarely, if ever, do I get such positive feedback to a training course. Darby Dunn taught Jefferies’ research analysts what they need to know to be confident handling any media or public speaking situation. They loved Darby’s informal approach and how she tailored the training to their individual time constraints and concerns.”

Tom Tarrant
Managing Director, Marketing

"Media coverage is important for the growth of any business. Darby Dunn's training helps you become more comfortable on-camera and with whatever question a journalist might ask."

Tory Burch
Fashion Designer

"I can't thank you enough for my training session. Your voice was right there with me when the big moment arrived and I went on the TODAY show. You were a complete pro and taught me so much!"

Marci Alboher
Columnist/Blogger, The New York Times
Author, One Person/Multiple Careers

"The most helpful part was the concrete three-element message and being able to practice that message live on videotape. Darby's good because she asks the difficult questions and she has credibility from having been a reporter herself."

Marigene Hartker, M. D.
HealthGrades (Nasdaq: HGRD)

"Darby Dunn was a 'natural' as the moderator of our panel. She was comfortable with the subject matter, did her homework, and was relaxed and humorous. She kept the program moving and led an interesting and informative Q&A session."

Rochelle Bloom
President, The Fragrance Foundation

"Darby Dunn's experience as a television correspondent means that she has insider connections and newsroom know-how. Within a month of engaging Darby, my company ended up getting invaluable exposure on a major network."

Daniel Rootenberg
Director, JacarandaTribal.com


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